The Band

COSMIC JAM was founded in Cologne in 2013 by musicians who shared an Color logo - no backgroundenthusiasm for funk, soul pop, acid jazz and neo soul and wanted to create new music with professional standards. The departure of some band members led to a major line-up change at the end of 2022. The full line-up has been rehearsing again since summer 2023, and a first concert in a private setting was enthusiastically received by the audience. In 2024, the band plans to hit the stage again with old and new songs.

The band presents catchy, danceable original compositions in the style of Incognito and Jamiroquai, for example, with a seven-piece line-up including a brass section.

COSMIC JAM has released a live CD with 13 tracks as well as the single "Fantasy". The album and single are available on all popular streaming platforms.

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Tasten - Dirk Schnorpfeil

Schlagzeug -
Martin Honak

Saxophon - Stefan Koch

Trompete -
Benno Liebig

Gitarre -
Kambiz Zaker

Bass -
Andreas Pater

Gesang -
Jens van Slooten

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